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About Us

Charlotte Gibbons co-founded HV Movement Collective, which is in residence at ASK in Kingston. She graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. She was professional dancer and choreographer in NYC, and a Movement Research Artist in Residence. In 2010, Charlotte traveled to China and focused on studies of Pure Yang Gong Fu and Taoism. Her dancing life has taught her how to be present and mindful and how to navigate the material world with kinesthetic awareness and a patient grasp of personal possibility. Charlotte believes that cultivating a relationship to one’s person is a lifelong task and one that we must find a language, beyond words, to share.

Nina Jirka studied various forms of dance, music, and theatre at the legendary Russian Dance Academy in the USSR. Dancing as a soloist with the Moscow Festival Ballet, Perm Opera, Kremlin Ballet, and Stars of Bolshoi, Nina toured extensively through Europe and Asia. Moving to New York, Nina continued to perform, study, and teach. In 2006, she received MA degree from the State University of New York and founded Tango New Paltz. In the Hudson Valley, Nina had the pleasure of working with The Vanaver Caravan Institute, Figures in Flight Dance Company, and RTA (Rehabilitation through the Arts) Programs, and Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz. Currently, Nina teachers dance at SUNY NP, directs NP Dance Cooperative and and organizes dance workshops and events for all ages. Nina is lucky and grateful to have a beautiful family.  

Tank Nesteroke first experienced Lindy Hop at a dance festival in Saratoga Springs, NY, and fell in love at first sight. She took some lessons and then started social dancing by going out to swing dance events and meeting other people who wanted to dance. Tank is convinced social dance can be a great tool in learning how to communicate with other humans and can be used to create a culture of consent on the dance floor and off. Tank loves to teach Ambidancing. It is a style in which students are taught both roles (lead/follow) at once allowing them to learn the whole dance and not just one half of it. 

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