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Our Dance Class for Kids
*On Hold*


YOUTH Class: Ages 10-14

Dates: ON HOLD

Location: NP Community Center

Total Duration: 1h

Our Dance Class for Children is a play on fluid form, using imagination and various methods to cultivate strength and coordination. Children are encouraged to engage in full-bodied movement that is informed by but not limited to ballet, martial arts, yoga, folk and modern dance. We lead students towards a search for moving voice of their own, as well as learning to dance together and cooperate as a group.


Our goal is to make dance relevant to life and to reveal connections of all possible forms of dance and movement. During the course of studies, we would like our students to become stronger and healthier in many ways and to attain awareness, self-understanding, and the ability to deal with themselves and others. Our classes are basic but challenging and require focus, dedication, and effort. All good things, habits and happenings in life come with efforts and humility. We get what we give. We would like to communicate this message to our students. 

Inclusivity Policy: 

We strongly believe in making our classes available to all and have priced them accordingly. We understand financial limitations that arise, and therefore we open our classes to the fiscally challenged with the suggestion that you pay what you can. It is our sincere desire to include all that are interested in our community.

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