Fall 2019


Location: Bonticou View, New Paltz

Dates: Fall - Winter

Total Duration: 1,5h

Reservations only

Suggested Donation: $15-20

Using mostly traditional classical (Vaganova style) ballet steps and movements, we learn to respect and listen to our bodies, work with gravity and others in the room, connect to music and each other.

The class focuses on creating fluidity, awareness, alignment, balance, and correct breathing technique.

In this ballet class, we do not fight our body – we learn to feel it and work with it.  

Inclusivity Policy: 

We strongly believe in making our classes available to all and have priced them accordingly. We understand financial limitations that arise, and therefore we open our classes to the fiscally challenged with the suggestion that you pay what you can. It is our sincere desire to include all that are interested in our community.

Please note: Reservation only! Please call in advance: 


845-256-0114 for LESSONS