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Swing for All
*On Hold*


Dates: TBA

Total Duration: 1h

It's not difficult to spot swing dancers. Just look for the dancers with the biggest smiles and the wackiest moves!

 I first experienced Lindy Hop at a dance festival in Saratoga Springs, NY.  It was love at first sight. I took some lessons then started social dancing by going out to swing dance events and meeting other people who wanted to dance. Social dance can be a great tool in learning how to communicate with other humans. Swing dance is typically a partner dance with two roles- a follow and a lead. In order for that partnership to work on the dance floor, there must be significant communication happening! It also helps teach us social etiquette and can be used to create a culture of consent on the dance floor and off. Dancing causes us to be in the moment and is a excellent way to relieve stress. It is also great exercise for our brains and bodies. 

I teach Ambidancing. This is a style in which students are taught both roles (lead/follow) at once allowing them to learn the whole dance and not just one half of it. In this class students will be learning to social swing dance with each other. They will be focusing on improvising on the dance floor using the basics from East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop as well as classic vintage jazz steps from the swing era.

Inclusivity Policy: 

We strongly believe in making our classes available to all and have priced them accordingly. We understand financial limitations that arise, and therefore we open our classes to the fiscally challenged with the suggestion that you pay what you can. It is our sincere desire to include all that are interested in our community.

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